Quick 30 Second Test


Imagine a piece of cord, about 12inches in length, onto which has been attached a small lead weight of about 1-2oz.

In your mind, I want you to take this cord and begin to rotate your wrist so that the lead weight is activated in a circular motion - clockwise / anticlockwise, it doesn't matter.

Begin slowly and imagine how soothing such an exercise will be to your damaged wrist... slow, round, gentle rotations... you can hardly feel any pressure but the exercise is completely 'non impact' and the slight force being generated feels good on your limbs

Now begin to build up the speed of your rotations and note that the faster you spin your wrist, the more momentum is generated by the lead weight and the more force and effort it subsequently takes by your wrist to keep it in motion... right up to the point where the little lead weight seems like it weighs 20lbs and would fly through the wall if you let it go!

Now just imagine if you could contain these forces within a small but perfectly designed sphere, one which would fit comfortably into your hand and allow you to precisely control it's speed and thereby the forces or inertia created as you rotated your wrist and arm in the same manner as above...

... that you could absolutely control whether you wanted a pleasing, gentle rotation to sooth an aching wrist joint, or whether you wished for a much faster workout, which would help build strength and power into a joint which was recouperating from an injuiry or break..


... Just what you've imagined it to be and much much more...