Explosive Power!

Its only the size of a tennis ball, but set the internal rotor in motion and it will literally become like a tiny hurricane in your hand - exploding with mind numbing gyroscopic torque/inertia!

The ball comes alive with forces, furiously thrashing and jerking as your arm and wrist try to keep it in control, spinning it faster and faster until you have it up to almost 15,000rpm and it's exerting about 40lbs of pressure on your limbs at a speed of 250 revolutions per second - no batteries, just pure gyroscopic power - the fastest human propelled device ever created!

The NSD Powerball has hit the fitness market with a fury and we guarantee that it's here to give you a full arm workout quite unlike any other you'll ever have experienced regardless of current fitness levels.

Its secret lies in the way it isometrically tests the muscle groups in the arms and shoulders - you can have the ability to curl the heaviest of dumbbell's down in the gym but take your NSD Powerball up to 13,000rpm for just 30-40 seconds and we absolutely guarantee a muscle burn of monumental proportions.


Dense muscle growth - or pure toning?

  • At low speeds it will effectively tone and shape the arms and shoulders yet without leading to unwanted muscle growth in these areas. Excellent results can be achieved from using it at between 6000-8000rpm for around 7 minutes each day.

  • Spin it up above 12,000rpm however and it takes on a whole new character - the resistance climbs in proportion to the speed of the internal rotor and at 15,000rpm the pocket sized NSD Powerball is spitting out up to 40lbs of gut wrenching torque (inertia) and will give a serious hammering to even the most powerfully developed arm.

  • The internal rotor of your new NSD Powerball has been so perfectly balanced that even at the highest speeds there is absolutely zero vibration - all you will feel are those powerful gyroscopic forces acting upon your hand, wrist, arm and shoulder once you put the rotor into motion.

And there is no motor in there - speed is generated simply by the subtle movement of the wrist and arm muscles which is what makes it such an extraordinary toning or muscle building tool!

Unlike a free weight dumbbell which will traditionally work on one specific muscle group with each exercise, development with an NSD Powerball takes place throughout the full range of movement and will test up to 90% of the muscles in the arm in a single 7 minute session - simply decide on the speed you want to use it at and let it rip!

50 different Dumbbells!

NSD Powerballs almost unlimited resistance range in that 1-40lb band combined with its pocket sized compact design is like having instant access to50 different dumbbells - all of which you can use

  • While on a break in the office
  • Sitting in traffic in your car
  • Travelling on the train

...or anywhere that you've got a spare 5 minutes to give your arms a quick tone up or pump!

We invite you to try this exciting new product and will offer it with an absolutely locked tight peace of mind guarantee where it's you who decides whether this revolutionary product does exactly what we've said it can do:

Prices start from under Rs.2000/- and we promise you quite an extraordinary workout experience.

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