The Fun Side

NSD Powerball's obvious sports, fitness and rehabilitation advantages are reason enough to contemplate the purchase of one in the first place... but couple these with the wicked side of this exciting little sphere and you end up with a package that is downright sinful in its intent!


'Wicked' I hear you say?

Wicked! A live NSD Powerball - thrashing and gyrating furiously in your hand is such a sublime and most wickedly addictive experience that you'll want to pick it up again and again...and again in an effort to surpass your last achievement; that last high score you managed on the little computer that sits on top of the ball and records your every move!

10,298rpm? ... Snigger! :oP

Normally quite a reasonable score... for a woman... it gets all the more embarrassing when you recall that Tim, the guy who works over in your accounts department and who has been [affectionately] termed... 'chicken leg wrists' by all working in the office, managed 11,433rpm just last week..

..and your girlfriend, to whom you just handed the ball 10 minutes ago has just managed 10,752rpm.

(On her second go)

Oh dear.

Why it works for you...

And that's the real key to the NSD Powerball - why it has become so successful as a premium sports and fitness tool; it's because you just want to keep using it! To keep excelling on your last performance - to keep pushing that score upward despite the fact that your hand just wants to fall right off and you can't feel your forearm any more.

..but in doing so you just can't help getting fitter!

You just can't help developing those titan wrists and arms!

And you'll keep doing it in spite of yourself because it's become all about that score! It's become all about becoming the office champ - the fastest among your mates

..the fastest NSD Powerballer on the planet!

Become a World Leader...

Do you really think that you could take the title? It's currently in the hands of a Greek - the mighty Akis and is going to be a hard one to break... could it really be you?

Put your shiny new NSD Powerball down on a table in front of a group of guys (or girls - they really are just as bad!) and the mood will suddenly tense up. No-one will admit to it and everyone will pretend that it's all a bit of fun, but you'll know that they are all going for gold - that they are all giving it their best and are treating it with the utmost seriousness!

That high score! Your reputation could end up in tatters - you could go down in flames.

All in a single moment.

Could you imagine being beaten by a girl... in front of your mates?

It has happened and it's not a pretty sight.

Practice... Lots of practice.

It's why you'll see lonely figures lurking in the shadows of every office... every warehouse...every dark alley... throwing dubious shapes in the darkness... spinning furiously.

The little spheres screaming like fighter jets engines in their sweaty palms as they aim higher and higher with each twist of the wrist.

Give those "Chicken Wrists" a workout!

Knowing that next time the group gathers old 'chicken wrists' and his buddies won't be having it all their own way..

And that's where it's at right now - the scoreboard has become a truly cosmopolitan affair and there is a strong rumour that if you spin your NSD Powerball too fast you'll create a black hole...

From our point of view, for whichever reason you decide to trial a new NSD Powerball with us - we want to be certain that you are absolutely and totally satisfied with your shiny new [screaming] sphere.

Whether for sport, fitness, rehabilitation or pure downright sinful fun - we know that you are absolutely going to love your new NSD Powerball and offer it to you with a serious warranty/guarantee policy that covers all eventualities.

So come on board with us now and experience this extraordinary phenomena at first hand - we promise an experience with the product that you won't ever forget!

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