Music to your ears!

Wind, String, Key or Drum, if it can make music, Powerball will help you play it better"

Meet the extraordinary NSD Powerball - a pocket sized powerhouse that will help to oversee a significant improvement in your playing skills in less than 30 days!

Musicians need to have strength, co-ordination and dexterity in both hands, whether they play a drum, piano, sax or guitar.


A right handed guitarist, for example, will usually strum with the right hand and handle the fretboard with the left. The right hand has to learn to pick and strum with alacrity and accuracy while the left hand has to do 'trills' (very rapid hammer-ons and pull offs), vibratos (bending a string back and forth varying the pitch), vibratos of multiple strings and sometimes just very difficult cords.

In such cases, NSD Powerball will not only give the player a very significant boost in hand and finger strength, it will also help to considerably improve their co-ordination making these advanced guitar techniques far more accessible at all levels of play.

Skills & Passion

For a musician of average skills, this strength can be picked up from a simple repetition of normal day to day tasks and a need to exercise using additional or extraneous methods is not required.

However, if you are really passionate about your playing and are looking to swarm up and down those notes with pure, unbridled vigor, then you will definitely need to take your endurance and strength to a much higher level.

How? Audition an NSD Powerball!

Take one for a spin...

...and the most important aspect from your perspective is that each of these radical benefits can be achieved by using Powerball for just 5-7 minutes per day...whether sitting in a car on the way to a concert, relaxing in front of a television or as a quick warm up before playing - just pull it from your pocket and spin!

We invite you to try this exciting new product and will offer it with an absolutely water tight peace of mind guarantee where it's you who decides whether this revolutionary product does exactly what we've said it can do for your musical pursuit - the guarantee we offer when purchasing from this web site is 100% unconditional in every way and if at any time you don't agree that this exciting product isn't the most unique and superlative way to build strength and co-ordination in your arms, wrists, hands and fingers to enhancing your playing then simply return it to us for a full refund - no questions will be asked.

Prices start from under US$50.00 (or the Euro equivalent) and we promise you quite an extraordinary experience.


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