NSD Powerball Media Resource Area

Here you'll find a selection of resources for press and media, including high-resolution versions of all product images together with promotional images and all NSD Powerball point of sale material.

We have also complied short, medium and long copy pieces which you may feel free to use in any media or advertising pieces, both online and printed.

Each review covers both the sales and technical aspects of the NSD Powerball as well as a few 'special feature' reviews on some of our flagship products.


Brochures (front / Rear)

You may also be interested in browsing some of the independant testimonials or product reviews submitted to us by customers who have used the NSD Powerball as a tool across many different disciplines.

Feel free to modify each piece as you see fit so long as it remains accurate and faithful to the original text, though we would ask that you not modify images without prior permission and that all material below is used only in the promotion of our NSD Powerball products.

Should you wish to review our NSD Powerball in your printed publication or online resource, we would appreciate if you would forward either a printed or electronic version of your work which we can retain here for future reference.

Finally, should you require any further information or clarification on any of this material, then please don't hesitate to contact us and we will give your correspondence our full and prompt attention as always.

Thank you!





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