NSD Powerball Video Library

This is one case where a video is definitely worth a 1000 words!

The unique, highly addictive nature of the NSD Powerball is difficult to capture with mere words alone - as a result, we have put together some short (but exciting!) video clips to help show you exactly why the splendid sphere should become part of your life!



[1] - teaser
[2] - 4 minute NSD Powerball movie! - rpm.wmv
[3] - NSD Powerball hits London! - hamleys.wmv
[4] - NSD Powerball hits Russia! - /videos/powerball_hits_russia.html
[5] - NSD PowerBall Techno - techno.php

2 - AKIS

[1] - NSD Powerball World Record! - popup_akis.php
[2] - 90sec Strength Index - score_videos/20082_90s_Akis-Kritsinelis.wmv
[3] - 90s Strength Index Run - score_videos/18132_90s_OH_Akis-Kritsinelis.wmv
[4] - Akis - NSD Powerball Superstar! - akis.wmv
[5] - Heavy 350Hz Metal - popup_akis_metal_13731.php
[6] - Akis Dual Hand Run - popup_akis_30034.php
[7] - 30s Strength Index - popup_akis_30sec.php


[1] - Dual Flick-Start - popup_james_marshal.php
[2] - One-handed thumb flicks - popup_palm_pilot.php
[3] - Dual NSD Powerball Run - videos/steven_26459.wmv


Further details

The actual 4 minute DVD has been created to full broadcast standard and is an ideal promotion tool for in-store use or for simply getting a better idea of just what the NSD Powerball is all about should you now be considering stocking it as a retailer.

In such an instance, please contact us with details of your particular requirement and we'll be pleased to forward you a copy for evaluation purposes.
Be warned however!

Once you view this production, you will most certainly want to come on board with us as an NSD Powerball stockist!

In 4 short minutes, it manages to fully capture the very essence of the NSD Powerball phenomena and will definitely whet your appetite for the splendid spheres in a way that the static words and images of this site could never hope to achieve!

Thanking you once again for your valued consideration of our product,


Navitas International
The Powerball Team, India



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