NSD Powerball Exercises

For your convenience, we have commissioned a range of videos to help clearly highlight the various muscle groups exercised each time you use your NSD Powerball.

The faster the rotor speed during each of these exercises, the greater the resistance (gyroscopic inertia) that is generated within the sphere and the harder your muscles will have to work - thus the more intense the workout!

If you are new to the NSD Powerball and regardless of your current state of fitness, we recommend that you start slowly and avoid over clocking those revs at the very beginning! While it is a highly addictive product to use, your NSD Powerball is also a superlative fitness/strength building instrument and you should immerse yourself in the experience gradually or it can bite!

Please click on one of the images below to load the corresponding video in Flash format.

(You may need the Macromedia Flash Player which is available to download free here)

Extend your arm as shown, and rotate your wrist in an anti clockwise direction to concentrate on the muscles in your forearm.Click

clockwise Using the same technique as above, if you rotate your wrist in a clockwise direction, you concentrate on the muscles in your lower forearm.Click

To exercise your biceps, curl your arm and rotate the ball in an anti-clockwise direction. Angle your wrist in towards you slightly.Click

By keeping your arm almost straight, and holding your NSD Powerball slightly in front of you you will concentrate on your pectoral muscles.Click

Keeping your arm straight and down by your side, rotate your NSD Powerball in a clockwise direction. You should start to feel a burn in your deltoid muscles as your NSD Powerball exercises them.Click

Fingers & Grip Strength
Your NSD Powerball will increase your grip and finger strength when used at moderate/high speeds as you have to maintain a tighter grip at increased speeds.Click

Wrist Strengthening
No matter how you hold your NSD Powerball or at what speeds you operate it, it is always working on increasing the strength and dexterity of your wrists through the constant exercise.Click


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