What, why, how?

The NSD Powerball is a hand gyroscope - a tennis ball sized sphere containing a computer balanced flywheel which can revolve freely inside.

As soon as you put the flywheel spinning (by means of subtly rotating your wrist), it begins to generate an extraordinary force (otherwise known as gyroscopic inertia) which acts immediately against your fingers, hand, wrist, arm shoulder and even chest!

The ball weighs less than 300g but can pack a 40lb punch depending on the speed at which the rotor is spinning - the present world record is over 16,000rpm!...can you even come close?? :-) and will make even the fittest and strongest people on the planet burn because it is hitting muscles in the fingers, hands, arms, shoulders and chest that you simply won't have used before with conventional forms of exercise.


NSD Powerball is one of the most dynamic toning and muscle building devices
for men and women that money can buy.


But it's not all pain!

Most NSD Powerball models have a built in digital speed meter which measures the number of revolutions per minute made during each spin.
This translates into a whole pile of fun if you happen to plant one down in front of a group of guys or girls, each of which will be magnetically drawn to bettering their own last score, or that of their friends, even when they feel their arm is about to fall off! (which it will after about 10 seconds of maximum speed).


Just how fast can you spin it?

Of course, all that wrist & arm building will come in handy..

..whether you play golf or tennis (or any of 1000 other sports!), ride motor bikes or mountain bikes, play the piano or drums, it doesn't matter - NSD Powerball will put so much power into your fingers, wrists, hands, arms and shoulders that we absolutely guarantee you'll see a dramatic improvement in all sports & leisure activities you perform each day, regardless of what they might be!

Which one?
With over 16 models in the range, there is an NSD Powerball available to suit everybody - please have a look at the available models here!

But can it generate too much power?

No. Because NSD Powerball only emits resistance that is proportional to the amount of energy you expend trying to spin it up, it can also be used to gently rehabilitate sore or damaged limbs affected by Carpal Tunnel, RSI or even Arthritis. NSD Powerball is totally non impact and will provide soothing therapeutic rehabilitation for many debilitating conditions.

Remember: slow speeds for gentle rehabilitation - high speeds for pure muscle building fun!

NSD Powerball is simple to operate and can be started with either the supplied cord(s) or with a quick snap of your finger - please have a quick read of our recommended starting instructions or check out our starting guide videos - you can also learn the secret of how to hit those really high scores by reading the Akis tutorials (just don't forget to submit them to the World Scoreboard when you master your technique!!)

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