The "How-to" Series

Below, we have compiled instructions for starting your NSD Powerball together with a series of 'mini' instruction videos for exercise programmes.

The beauty of the NSD Powerball lies in the fact that you control the workout at all times, and because of its uniquely non-impact nature, an NSD Powerball is equally at home when used in rehabilitative and theraputic applications as it is when building strength and toning muscles during an intensive workout.

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Starting an NSD Powerball

Starting your NSD Powerball is easy. Simply feed the supplied starting cord around the rotor and with a sharp 'tug' you will start the rotor spinning at approx 2,500rpm. Now turn your wrist towards the floor and start to rotate it (clockwise or anti-clockwise) in a gentle 'lazy' motion until you fall into a rhythm with the NSD Powerball. Once you feel a rhythm, you simply increase your speed of rotation until you reach your desired workout level... and the faster you spin the inner rotor the more inertia it generates and the more resistance it subsequently inflicts upon the fingers, hands, wrists, arms and shoulders.

The Finger-Start Technique

The Finger/Thumb start technique requires a little more effort... Once you have mastered your NSD Powerball technique, and more specifically managed to keep your NSD Powerball spinning at low speeds, you will want to learn the elusive finger-start technique.
Hold the NSD Powerball in one hand with the rotor exposed, and apply firm pressure with your thumb or finger.
Simply 'snap' your finger or thumb across the surface of the rotor and start rotating your wrist slowly, again until you fall into rhythm with the rotation of the NSD Powerball.

Note: You will need to get the rotor spinning at a speed of at least 1500rpm in order tosuccessfully master this technique. Once you have mastered the technique required to successfully keep your NSD Powerball spinning at slow speeds less effort will be required.

Dual NSD Powerball Run
A relatively new phenomenon to the NSD Powerball world... We created a new league after much interest and now have over 100 of the World's Top Powerballers fighting for position in the league! The Force manages two 13k scores with two NSD Powerballs simultaneously! Be sure to check out the Dual Run League in the scoreboards.

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